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cheshire aggregates

When it comes to your construction and landscaping needs, having the right materials is essential for a successful project. At Pivotal Plant Hire, we take pride in providing a wide range of high-quality Cheshire aggregates to meet your specific requirements. As a plant hire company with a commitment to excellence, we also offer a selection of aggregates that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Type 1 MOT is a high-quality, well-graded granular material widely used in road construction and as a sub-base for various construction projects. It's known for its exceptional load-bearing properties and durability, ensuring a stable foundation for your project.


Proper drainage is crucial for any construction or landscaping project. Our drainage stones are carefully selected for their excellent drainage properties, helping to prevent waterlogging and maintain the integrity of your design.

Reliable aggregatES. remarkable results


Clean limestones are versatile and ideal for a range of construction applications. They offer a clean and attractive appearance, making them a popular choice for both aesthetic and functional purposes.


Environmentally conscious construction is a priority for many clients today. Our recycled MOT aggregates provide a sustainable option while maintaining the high-quality standards required for various construction projects.

Aggregates that stand the test of time


6F2 crush, a recycled aggregate, is perfect for bulk fill and general construction work. It offers cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for your projects without compromising on quality.


Quality soils are essential for landscaping, gardening, and horticultural projects. Our range of soils is carefully selected to provide the right foundation for your green spaces.